One of St. Vincent & the Grenadines most outstanding young female social entrepreneurs Ayana Rene Kathy Ann Findlay was given a Royal Celebration, as she was laid to rest…

Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines

“My humble pray according to scripture is that each of us especially her mother, father other close relatives and friends will be Blessed and Comforted as we mourn the great loss of our unsung Hero; one of SVG’s most outstanding young female social entrepreneurs, friend, sister Ayana Findlay” Ambassador Dr. Ashley John  

These words ended the final spoken tribute to Ayana Findlay during a service of thanksgiving for her life which was held  at the Wilson Hill New Testament Church Kingstown…

The celebration of her life was truly awesome, ROYAL, very deserving, many of the echoes heard as we said in  and around SVG said good bye for the final time. Today as a few  weeks has passed since her mortal remains were laid to rest, we at Constructive Solutions Inc. is sharing with you a tribute in full which tells aspects of her life, one we say was truly lived.

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” In the book of Matthew Chapter 5, scripture says Blessed are those people whose hearts are pure, for they shall see HIM. Ayana you have passed this test, what an assurance… Glory to God…

Phenomenal… that’s how we sum up the life and fruit of Ayana Findlay, today as we reflect on the Young Female Entrepreneur, Friend and adopted daughter Ayana Findlay…

Having recently returned home in 2012 to reside, I kept seeing these signs and post online with this young ladies face and the appeal for help with her ailment then I had the opportunity to meet with her and help the fundraising cause being inspired from her Facebook post about some cakes she had baked to be sold to help take care of her medical expenses.

I asked myself right there how is it a young lady so sick has to be working harder than many I see not in her condition to take care of her medical bills to keep her alive… what many might not have known as I grew to learn is that Ayana had accepted she was indeed sick but could not stand seeing her father and mother work so hard daily to help ease the pressure of those expenses, she hope they were not seeing her as a burden to them, she had an amazing mindset…

Constructive Solutions Inc. saw the need to give her support and also help this young lady tell her story Ayana was a very inspiring entrepreneur we believe she would have gained mutual benefits, help others and in turn help herself so she did Consistently.

One thing I do recall when we invited her to be the V.I.P guest at the Scotia Bank , Coesl sponsored Entrepreneurs Breakfast Connector Event held at Grenadines House,  was when I raised the concern, Ayana would you be able to make it so early or lets arrange a more convenient event, she laughed out and say yeah man don’t worry about me, Once it is food I will get there”….

She came, she inspired, she spoke, she appealed and many of our entrepreneurs there were moved with compassion for her circumstances and they immediately went into action, we also had Executive Director of SVG Chamber of Commerce who came to us and through collaborative efforts set out to meet the need of the stove she was appealing for.

By the end of the breakfast connector event, I went to Ayana and asked her how she was feeling and she said with a very sweet smile, “it was good and the food was real nice, I eat plenty too and I enjoy myself the people here are nice, thank you so much this made my day”…. That moved my heart at the amount of gratitude this young lady who was fighting for her very life had she was never once ungrateful…

Days after she broke the big news to me that one of the male entrepreneurs who attended the event and was moved by her story Edison Reece owner of E-mages a photographer had called her to come to Singer and purchased a brand new Mixer for her as she had appealed for this to ease the pressure from her already tired hands when baking cakes to sell.

From then to the very last day we spoke which was like an hour before the final surgery procedure Ayana fought diligently, we knew then she had triple earned the Best Entrepreneurial Spirit Award 2014 she received from us in November 2014.

This amazing young lady lived a life that we believe many should indeed give thanks to God for and honour while learning these vital lessons she left behind as her legacy.

  • Ayana loved God and she loved to Pray and sing Praises…
  • Ayana was always full of love for every one
  • Ayana was thankful…
  • Ayana cared about others and did not take advantage of no one who sought to help her
  • Ayana never used her sickness as an excuse to be LAZY…or USE OTHERS
  • Ayana never waited to be motivated or to be inspired by others; in fact she was the one who would often message to share inspiration Ayana was always full of love for every one
  • Ayana always showed up, only thing that stopped her was Dialysis and she would always message to apologize for not being there at our life skill coaching sessions
  • Ayana wanted to do every single thing in her power to gain an income (sustainable livelihood)
  • Ayana went the extra mile always, many times I tried in vain to run her to sleep as she would message me in the wee morning hours while she was preparing and waiting for her cakes to finish and she would not hesitate to tell me, “Mr. John take your own advice” and when I said well someone has got to do it for things to change, she said well someone has to do it for things to change for me… when you can’t beat them you join them…

Truly our project team is still kind off speechless by her passing, there is till this empty space, we really miss her being with us… but as we know she would want,  one has to come to grips that it is appointed unto man,  once to live and once to die, Ayana lived out the greatest commandment with passion, she Loved God with all her heart mind, soul and strength, She loved her neighbours as she loved herself, she also thought of others more highly than she thought of her own circumstances, she would always be concerned that she did not want people to feel she was burdening them but truly the expenses were so high she could not keep up.

This did not sit well with me at all, because of all this time I Knew Ayana the only time I ever heard her express sorrow was to say it pained her how she has to ask people to help her, this definite drove her entrepreneurial spirit, she was determined to cut down her weekly cost and ease the financial pressure off her family and other donors.

With ah heavy heart she called me to a meeting with her last year and she ask me to please be her business consultant stating in these words, “Ashley you are different, all this time I can see you’re honest and not like some out there in this place,  I am tired of people using my name and sickness to make a fool of me to make money for themselves and I don’t want to be public be fooled, things hard for every body and when people give me a donation I don’t eat it out it pays my bills but there are some people who does use my name and even picture in their shows and fundraisers, make me come out there sometimes in the night long hours; my body does be so tired sometimes but I does go still because every little bit does count and would you believe in the end they don’t give me a cent”

Right there I agreed and from then she would always contact me if anyone wanted to do a fundraiser for her because she became so scared to even accept these types of invitations and promises. Ayana was hurt by this deeply, it pained her to the core…

The other pain she felt was being refused  repeatedly for medical aid assistance, she said “I don’t know eh,  Ashley why they can’t send me to Cuba or one of these places too I don’t want the money, I just want to get better I just want the kidney transplant so I can help back my parents and then be able to help other patients like me who need help too because I meet a lot of them and they not really like me they give up hope real easy, they make up their minds to just die but not me I want to live”.


I cannot honestly say I know how it feels too loose a daughter but certainly I know my adopted daughter as Ayana would remind me several times spent her last days with joy, I recall when she inbox me from the recovery room in facebook and laughing out really loud, when I could not believe it was her, she said come see me Ashley I long to see a friend, I don’t want to be in this place I have work to-do…

She knew her condition had reached the worst, the last time we met at the Airport in February this year Ayana sat there for hours without eating just waiting for a discount from LIAT to go for what she said was her final overseas check-up and she could not come up with all the money for the ticket; because time is running out and her kidneys are at worst stage…

What disgusted me was the length of time they had this very sick young lady waiting so immediately I intervened and my travelling colleague and I Semesha Corea of Edge Media Center, took her to our final lunch together, which we did not even complete because our flight landed but in the true AYANA spirit she said its ok Mr. John go, don’t miss your flight,  the lunch was nice thank you again for always being there for me, have a safe flight we would talk soon.

Nevertheless, all remains in the hands of Almighty God, we are thankful for her outstanding life and we are comforted knowing there is a time for everything under the sun, a time to live and a time to die, Ayana is out of this dilemma she had to face which cut her short from her education and longer life but it never took away her passion, she was fully persuaded and persistent, only once in January this year I have ever heard her use the words, “Ashley I am TIRED” …

Ayana was a very strong resilient young lady, she was one of my dearest friends, our last encounter was one big hug, and again in her high spirits laughed out and said imagine I can’t remember the day I came in hospital but I can surely remember you Ashley, thank you for being my good friend, she was elated when I took the fudge and the headphones she requested to make her stay more comfortable…

Her last message to me was “it’s time for me to go, they are ready for me but I’m nervous”, this was approximately one hour from the surgery and while daily I waited to see her msg me, it was not to be this time.  I never heard from Ayana again but certainly her memories live on with me as it would with many others, on behalf of the Project team, Board of Directors, Entrepreneurs of the Constructive Solutions Inc Biz Hib Entrepreneurial Development program and myself, we want to assure her family and many friends that Ayana Ran her race well, she fought the good fight, God was on her side, and now she has gone to rest and await her day when she shall live forever more in Glory with Almighty God.

For those of us who wish to see her again in the sweet bye and bye lets us now take this time to get our lives in order through Jesus Christ let us make sure that we have repented and surrendered our lives to him that we too can get such amazing grace that even in times of distress our hearts will be filled with such joy as our departed friend, sister, business manager Ayana Findlay.

My humble pray according to scripture is that each of us will be Blessed and comforted as we mourn the great loss of one of SVG’s most outstanding young female social entrepreneurs, in the name of Jesus, Grace Love and Peace Amen…


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